September 30, 2011

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Sound & Vision finds a sub/satellite system that fills 'the hole'

"The combination of the TL-350 satellite system and the DSW PRO 550 wi subwoofer delivers potent sound without the annoying lack of upper-bass energy that plagues so many compact sub/sat systems. If you want a small, kick-ass home theatre for a little more than $1000 (and who doesn't?), you really, really need to check this one out."

Reviewers at Sound & Vision were clearly sick of subwoofer/satellite systems that have a gaping sonic hole in the middle of them. A common problem with these set ups is the rift that is created between the low frequencies of the satellite speakers and the highest of the sub, and it can be devastating.

Pairing the TL-350 five speaker pack with the DSW PRO 550 wi powered subwoofer is a great way to set yourself up with a home theatre system that avoids this problem. "If the hole exists with this system, I couldn't find it." On top of that, the speakers sit discreetly and provide a thrilling performance.

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