October 31, 2013

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Tone Audio loves our high end bookshelves, the LSiM 703s

"The detail paid to the time alignment, transparency and coherency comes through the LSiM703s immediately, allowing the heart and soul of the music to shine, regardless of musical genre... While the LSiM703s are not an overly analytical or strident speaker, they are precise in the way that their realistic presentation draws you into the music, and then holds you there."

Using the same technologies and style as our flagship LSiM 707 floorstanding speakers that were reviewed by Tone Audio last year, the LSiM 703 three way bookshelf speakers were real stunners for the Tone Audio team. With a gripping musicality, these speakers are equally as good for those that listen for the pure sake of enjoyment as they are for those that analyse their sound with a fine tooth comb.

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