January 06, 2015

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At Polk, we're all about providing great listening experiences for everyone. Read the Polk story to learn about our heritage and what makes our speakers so great. Use our store locator to find your nearest authorised retailer, and make sure you check out our blog for handy tips on how to get the most out of your sound system.

How to choose a Sound Bar?

So you bought a brand-new flat panel TV and discovered the sound is as flat as the panel. Don’t feel bad, you probably didn’t buy a bad TV it’s as TVs have got thinner manufacturers have neglected audio performance.

Polk have an easy answer for great sound without all the wires and effort.

We have a range of SurroundBars to suit all rooms, budgets and technical requirements.

What’s important when selecting a soundbar?

Easy learning remote
All Polk SurroundBars include SmartBar Proigramming. This might sound confusing but it’s really simple. It means you can program your existing TV remote control to control your Polk SurroundBar. That’s right – you only need one remote control for a truly immersive audio visual experience.

Full range speaker performance
Those small, cheap speakers in your flat panel television have a very narrow frequency response range and as a result sound tinny, often with limited volume. Polk use larger full range speakers, often in 2 or 3 way configuration, to reproduce the entire audible range of frequencies with high fidelity.

Wireless subwoofer
Polk full range speakers produce the range of upper bass to upper highs with excellent clarity and volume. Our wireless subwoofer is provided to give that deep impact of explosions, car crashes and all the other action of the big screen.
Our wireless subwoofers have a range of 10 metres allowing you to position it almost anywhere in the room. For maximum bass impact we recommend placing it in the corner of the room.

Digital & Analogue inputs
All of our SurroundBars feature both digital optical inputs and analogue line level inputs. Simply plug your TV in via the supplied optical cable for true digital sound. We also provide analogue inputs to allow playback from your music sources without the need to turn the TV on. Great for party or background music without the distraction of the television screen.